Here are some strategies for figuring out if an article is scholarly or peer-reviewed.

1. Use the peer-reviewed/scholarly limit within the database

Most article databases have an option to limit your results to only peer-reviewed sources.  Click this button, and all your articles will be from peer-reviewed journals.  Just watch out for book reviews, which are not peer-reviewed.

2. Use Ulrich's International Periodical Directory

You can search the journal title in Ulrich's International Periodical Directory to see if a journal is "Refereed", which is another word for peer-reviewed.

3. Check the journal's website

Use Google to search for and find the journals website. It will usually say whether the journal is peer-reviewed or not.

4. Look for characteristics of peer-reviewed articles

Peer reviewed articles have very specific features that make them different than popular sources.  See SJSU's Citing and Writing Help page to learn the differences.