Trade journals are publications that are written for people working in a specific trade, industry, or business.  These differ from scholarly journals (written for an academic audience) or popular journals (written for everyone).

 To find trade journals:

  1. Choose a database that covers many different subject areas, such as Academic Search, or you may want to choose a database specific to your subject/topic, such as education or business.
  2. Type in your keywords.  Keep your search simple. You may need to be very broad in your search (e.g. physical education, nursing, etc).
  3. On the left side of your screen should be a different options for narrowing your search.  Look for "Source Types" and then look for "Trade Publications" . Click on "Trade Publications" to limit your results to only this publication type.
  4. Not finding trade publications?  You may need to try different keywords, or your database might contain trade publications.  Ask us for help!