If you're not getting the results you're looking for, you may need to change your key words. 

When searching in library research databases or on the library's home page search box, it's important to search with key words that capture the essential key concepts that make up your topic. The more terms that you use in your search, the fewer results you will get. 

FEWER results with the search: impact of gender on people's salary expectations 

MORE results with the search: gender AND salary AND expectations 

Brainstorm all of the key words or terms related to your key concepts. For the word salary, authors might use terms such as wages, pay, income, or earnings. Although it's not a good source to use in your paper, a search on Wikipedia or other websites can help you think of related terms to use.  

Once you have your key words for searching, try them in various combinations in the library's databases or using the library's home page search box. For more information on search techniques, visit the "I Need Search Tips" page in this guide.