I'm looking for a specific article

To find a specific article, start at the library homepage, and click on the Articles+ tab. Search just the title of your article. You can also add author's last name.  Do not include information such as page numbers, issue/volume, or journal title.

In most cases, your article should appear at the top of the results.  The link underneath will provide you with online or print access (if available), or if unavailable, you will be given an option to request the article through Interlibrary Loan for free.

What if my article doesn't show up when searching OneSearch?

  1. Search for your article in our Find A Citation tool.
  2. Search for the journal in which the article appears in our Journals A-Z list. If the library has the journal, you should then be able to locate the article.
  3. If the library doesn't have an article, you can request it for free through interlibrary loan.