I'm looking for statistics

Statistics can be found in many different places depending on the topic you are researching. Check out these Research Guides, created by Fresno State librarian, to get started:

Looking for data? There are library Research Guides for finding census dataCalifornia statisticsFresno County statistics, and demographic data.  

Searching for U.S. government information? There are subject guides for finding government publications in the librarygovernment information collectionsgovernment websites, and citing government information

Additional Ideas for Locating Statistics

Specific research groups - Think about who would be interested in your topic. What government agencies? What advocacy groups? What think-tanks or institutes? What companies? Then look at the websites and search for reports from these groups.

Search the Web - There are statistical sources freely available on the Web. Use either the word statistics or data with your topic keywords to find helpful results. You can also limit your search to government websites by adding "site: gov" to your search (e.g. health care site:gov) When searching on the Web, always take the time to evaluate the source. Is it reliable, trustworthy, and/or unbiased source? Watch out for the sponsored results and advertisements that can look like regular search results like this BP ad. 

Here is an example of a statistics search at Google:

examples of statistics from a Google search

Data and statistics can be tough to find, so be sure to contact the librarian for your subject area to learn more.