Looking for a textbook? 

The Henry Madden Library does not purchase textbooks. However, there are a few things you can do to see if you can get access to textbooks through the library. 

1. Check to see if the book is on Course Reserve - Instructors sometimes put a copy of their textbooks on Course Reserve at the library. Items on Course Reserve are available for short-term checkout (usually 2 hours).  On the library's home page search box, select the Course Reserves and search by instructor or class name. 

2. Check OneSearch- Although the library doesn't collect textbooks, there is a chance that we have an older edition of your textbook in our collection. Just use the OneSearch search box to search for the textbook title (you may need to add one of the author's names to your search since textbook titles tend to be very general). 

3. Check CSU+ - If we don't have a book, you can try searching CSU+, which expands your search to all 23 CSU libraries.  If another library has a copy of the textbook, you can try requesting it.  Just keep in mind that many libraries won't lend out their copies of textbooks, especially if it's the newest edition.  If a CSU+ request cannot be filled, you will get a notification email.

Additionally, you are looking to save money on textbook costs, many retailers such as Amazon or the Kennel Bookstore offer options to rent or purchase used copies for significantly less than the cost of a new textbook.