I'm trying to find something by call number

To search by call number, start at the library homepage.  In the OneSearch box, enter your call number with no spaces or periods.

OneSearch searchbox with call number and search icon highlighted

The item that matches your call number should show up in the results.

Item result with call number highlighted

To find something in the library when you already have the call number: 

The Henry Madden Library uses the Library of Congress Classification system to shelve most books and periodicals. The classification system is designed to group library materials of similar subject concentration together and is used by many universities and colleges. It is different from the Dewey Decimal classification system that is used by most public libraries. If you are interested in how the two classification systems compare, this Wikipedia article may be helpful. 

The Library of Congress call number system is an alpha-numeric sytem. To read the call number, simply note the first letter or letters of the call number. "LA" would be shelved before "LB", "LC" before "LD", etc.  Numbers follow the initial letter or letters. These numbers are read as whole numbers. A call number of "LA2" will be shelved before "LA4".

Here is an example of how to read call numbers line by line: 

(image courtest of the Hesburgh Libraries at the University of Notre Dame)


Some call numers will start with a small "f" which stands for folio. This are usually over- or undersized items are are located in a separate section of the Lower Level, just beyond and to the left of the offices you see when you descend the main staircase to the Lower Level. You can always ask at the Start Here desk on the first floor is you need assistance.