What should I do if a website asks me to pay for an article?

If a website is asking you to pay for an article, never pay for an article yourself.  In many cases, the library already has the article available through our print or electronic resources.  If we don't have the article, we can get the article through our interlibrary loan system for free.

Did you find the article through Google or another search engine?

If you found the article through Google, go through the steps to see if the library has a specific article. 

Did you find the article through a library resource such as a database?

Sometimes you are trying to get the full text for an article through a library database, you may be asked to pay for an article.  This can happen because our subscription to a journal has changed, or a website may not be correctly authenticating you as a Fresno State user.  If this happens to you, never pay for an article! Contact the library for help and we will be sure to get the article for you for free!.